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“Business Change Challenge In The Digital Transformation Era”


Mr. Yuddy Renaldi

(President Director Bank bjb)

Dr. Bjarne Lykke Sørensen

(Managing Director Siemens Digital Industries Nordics and Baltics)

January 7, 2020



8th Biannual International Conference & Workshop Arte-Polis 8 2020 creative society and the making of place: redefining space in the digital era

Conference: Thursday – Friday | 3rd – 4th September 2020
Workshop: Friday – Saturday | 4th – 5th September 2020
Arte-Polis Insight: Saturday | 5th September 2020
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Creative Society and the Making of Place:
Redefining Space in the Digital Era

Creative Society and the Making of Place: Redefining Space in the Digital Era is the theme of the 8th International Conference of Arte-polis to be held in Bandung-Indonesia from 3rd till 4th September 2020. This biannual conference is primarily an initiative of ITB’s School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development which was established in 2002. The organizers of Arte-polis 8 initiate an interdisciplinary exchange platform of ideas among academics, scholars, community leaders, planners, local government officials, policy-makers, and professionals, who work within the diverse disciplines ranging from architecture and environmental design, business, management and entrepreneurship, cultural arts and design, geography and social science, digital media and information technology, education and theoretical discourse, and also planning and policy development.

The internet is impacting our daily  behavior patterns and consequently also our way of thinking. Computational-based methodologies and Artificial Intelligence rapidly become possible to offer new approaches in the making of place. It is not only human behind the machine who creates new  roles of space, but also society who uses the technology to generate new requirements of space.

This conference aims to discuss how and to what extent do people put creative design approach within the scope of the digital era?  Furthermore, this event also reviews how do creative activities manage, plan, design, and produce space? Participants will engage in intellectual dialogue and discussion over conference theme and impact of this new wave of technologies to the meaning of creating space within the multidisciplinary approaches in the built environment.

The organizer of Arte-polis 8 invites participants to submit papers that address one of the following tracks:

1. Humanizing Creative Design Process in the Digital Era

2. Design and Production of Space in the Digital Era

3. Urban Creativity and the Place-Making in the Digital Era

We look forward to discussing with your interest studies and researches. All abstract and paper will be recruited through website and more updated information will be posted on the website. If you want to get more information, please visit our website: arte-polis.id


The 5TH BIENNALE ICIAP 2020 Complexity : Design,Planning, and Innovation

Abstract submission Deadline : February 7, 2020

Notification of abstract acceptance : March 6, 2020

Full paper submission deadline : April 24,  2020

Notification of full paper acceptance : May 22, 2020

Early bird registration : June 5, 2020

ICIAP Conference: July 23-24, 2020


This 4.0 era creates a new unprecedented and unpredictable life systems. Technology is change from a tool into part of life instrument, and it effects from individual handy tool to interior then architecture, urban, and cities in 24 hours life activities. Processes of transformation incorporate dynamic change which ranges from local to urban and regional scale, allowing opportunities for intervention and management in such processes can be identified and negotiated. Working with these complexities requires innovative approaches, methodologies, and tools which can incorporate and utilise the inherent potentials of human and environmental transformation. These could support architects, urban designers, and urban planners in managing transformation and intervening dynamics and adaptability within systems in a variety of ways, from architectural design, urban design, and urban and regional planning.

The previous conference of 4th International Conference on Indonesian Architecture and Planning (ICIAP) in 2018 explored the idea of ‘Design and Planning in Disruptive Era’ for critically examining the effect of disruptive innovation in design and planning, including but not limited to the application of it and policy responses. In 2020, the 5th ICIAP will explore how interaction between the complexity sciences and the discipline of design and planning can result in effective innovation for the ever-evolving world. The conference will also allow participants to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization which often triggers the innovation in the first place and its effects on architecture, planning, and governance. Prospective authors are kindly encourage to contribute and submit papers related to the theme of ‘Complexity: Design, Planning, and Innovation’, more specifically related to: (1) architectural design; (2) building technology; (3) settlement, housing, and neighbourhood design and planning; (4) urban design and planning; (5) regional and rural planning; as well as (6) historical and theoretical context.

More information go to http://iciap.archiplan.ugm.ac.id/